Mark Young

So my running story is probably a bit different to others and I was late to the party and only took up running in early 2018. After losing my Dad in January 2018 I needed something to focus on and decided running was going to be the perfect option. 

I joined the club in January 2020, then the pandemic hit and I used my daily runs as my way of staying sane during lockdown and taking part in the club virtual challenges also helped my running. The club has been a great way for me to develop and improve as a runner and when you have resources like Jim Glennie to ask for advice you aren't going to go wrong. 

The support and encouragement I have received is truly incredible so when the chance to become a jog leader arose I jumped at it as would like to try and give something back to others who are starting there running journeys and if I can help and encourage them then I will give it my all.